Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
February 4, 2020

Resident Research Presentations

Maria Velez Velez, MD
(00:00-12:09) The HGF/MET/TWIST1 signaling axis: A targetable pathway for NSCLC brain metastases

Andrew Lutz, MD
(12:10-23:17) Can cardiac rehabilitation improve frailty in older adults with cardiovascular disease?

Jenna Skowronski, MD
(23:18-31:46) Impact of a Flipped Classroom Cardiology Consults Curriculum on Internal Medicine Residents’ Knowledge and Preparedness

Thien-Bao Peter Nguyen, MD
(31:47-42:40) From Biomarkers to Biologics: Personalized Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Christina Mallarino-Haeger, MD
(42:41-54:15) Increasing extracellular adenosine using dipyridamole modulates gut mucosal immunity among people living with HIV


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