With over 47 million confirmed cases of COVID19 worldwide and over 1.2 million deaths, the scientific push for a vaccine has been unparalleled. However, beyond the logistics of vaccine development, production, and distribution, there lies an incredible amount of misinformation and vaccine hesitancy that has been further propagated by online misinformation. Join us to hear more on the antivaccination movement in the time of COVID as well as our roles as physicians in addressing it.

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
November 10, 2020

Vaccine Hesitancy in the Age of COVID-19

Brief 5-min COVID-19 Update
Mark Gladwin, MD, Jack D. Myers Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine

4:10 Introduction of Speakers
Bruce Rollman, MD, MPH, UPMC Endowed Chair in General Internal Medicine
Director, Center for Behavioral Health, Media, and Technology

10:28  Vaccine Hesitancy in the Age of COVID-19/COVID-19 Infodemic and related factors
Jaime Sidani, PhD, MPH, CHES
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine
Director, Media Core within the Center for Behavioral Health, Technology, and Media

21:16  Social Media and Vaccine Hesitancy/Twitter Pilot Study
Beth Hoffman, MPH
Graduate Student Researcher

31:20  Healthcare Provider as a Vaccine Advocate
Todd Wolynn, MD, MMM
CEO, Kids Plus Pediatrics
Advisory Board President, Shots Heard Rounds the World

 52:10  Closing Remarks
Mark Gladwin, MD, Jack D. Myers Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Medicine


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