Hear three of our outstanding physician-scientist K grant awardees from within the Department of Medicine share their research as part of our Special K-Club Series. How can we decrease low-value prescribing? What are the metabolic effects of early nutrition support in sepsis? How does serum potassium impact kidney kinase scaffold KS-WKN1?

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
November 24, 2020

Special K Club

5:10  Dr. Tom Radomski, MD, MS:
EVOLV-Rx: Evaluating Opportunities to Decrease Low-Value Prescribing The Development of a Claims-Based Metric of Low-Value Prescribing in Older Adults

20:17  Cary Boyd-Shiwarski, MD, PhD:
KS-WNK1: A kidney kinase scaffold regulated by serum [K]+

35:45  Faraaz Shah, MD, MPH:
Metabolic Effects of Early Nutrition Support in Sepsis

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