This session we hosted an engaging series of speakers to discuss the latest news and updates on the diagnosis and management of lung cancer. Despite improvements in tobacco cessation counseling and awareness of its high mortality, there are still an estimated 230,000 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed in the U.S. each year and 130,000 deaths resulting from lung cancer each year, making up nearly a quarter of all deaths related to cancer. Novel applications of chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic agents that have been tested show promise in helping to stem the tide in detecting and treating this disease. We are excited to welcome Dr. Taofeek Owonikoko, Dr. David Wilson, and Dr. Antoinette Wozniak to discuss this very important topic.

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
November 9, 2021

Lung Cancer in the 21st Century

3:40  “Overview, Screening and Early Detection”
David Wilson, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine
Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Clinical & Translational Science
Associate Director, Lung Cancer Center, Hillman Cancer Center
Director, Georgia Cooper Memorial Lung Nodule/Lung Cancer Research Registry
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

23:04  “Lung Cancer: Hitting the Target”
Antoinette Wozniak, MD
Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology
Associate Director of Clinical Research, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Director, Lung Cancer Disease Unit
Co-Director, UPMC Lung Cancer Center of Excellence
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

38:44  “Taking the break off antitumor immunity – a new age in lung cancer treatment!”
Taofeek Owonikoko, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Division Chief, Hematology/Oncology
Stanley Marks / OHA Chair in Oncology Leadership
Associate Director for Translational Research, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
Co-Leader, Cancer Therapeutics Program, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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