If you missed our Grand Rounds Tuesday, February 28, please take the opportunity to view the recorded event: a Bench-to-Bedside Lecture – featuring Yvette Yien, PhD and Julia Xu, MD. In this Bench to Bedside presentation, Drs. Yien and Xu provided a translational perspective on iron physiology, erythropoiesis, and novel drug development for anemia in sickle cell disease. In the basic science portion, Dr. Yien discussed what is known about erythroid iron metabolism and the knowledge gaps in iron metabolism and its role in erythropoiesis, which are areas her lab has made key contributions. Dr. Xu then discussed the pathophysiology and contributors to anemia in sickle cell disease, including hemolysis, iron restriction and poor erythropoietic compensation.

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
February 28, 2023

Iron Metabolism, Erythropoiesis, and Sickle Cell Disease

Yvette Yien, MD
Julia Xu, MD

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